Newcomer Lyra Boru is an American classical crossover artist, composer, and producer based in Berlin. She is known for her delicately emotional, yet powerful vocals grippingly soaring over a cinematic orchestral backdrop, sweeping the listener into the soundtrack of her soul. 

A former architectural engineer, Lyra followed her life’s passion to become an entirely self-taught songwriter, composer and producer with no formal musical training in less than a year.

Her debut single “Burn”, lets operatic vocals glide over soaring strings like a phoenix emerging from the ashes, exploring the deep-seated longing of letting yourself go and following your heart.

Music is an expression of letting your heart song fly. Granting it the power to explode up from the lungs, through the vocal cords and soar out into the universe. Each note connecting with your heart, mind and spirit. Knowing always that our existence is but a small drop in an infinite ocean. But in those notes, we find a place we can call home.
Lyra Boru